Chief Mate
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Your office view is filled with whales, eagles, glaciers and more! Cruise with us this season!

Whales, glaciers, and bears... oh my!

  • summer
$300.00 - $330.75 / day + tips
Previous experience required
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Starts immediately!
  • Operate vessel during assigned watches to the highest professional and Alaskan Dream Cruises standards, with the safety of guests, crew and vessel being paramount. 
  • Monitor communication equipment and keep logs and records as required by federal, state, and local laws, regulations and instructions and Alaskan Dream Cruises.  Make use of all bridge tools and personnel, alerting the Master as needed or as per orders. 
  • The Chief Mate is responsible for the supervisory management of the ship’s medical locker and the reordering of medical supplies,
  • Ensure that there is always a proper and current certified medical response team aboard the ship on all cruises. 
  • Assign deck work lists.  Every day provide a priority list of what needs to be done.  Perform deckhand scheduling regarding what watch they will be on with Captain’s final approval.
  • Provide deck staff with a minimum of two written evaluations per operating year.
  • Train the new deckhand staff as they come aboard on how the ship operates, how they should handle lines, navigation basics, how to pilot the vessel, and emergency drill training. Shall instruct new deckhands in various procedures on how to maintain the ship e.g. painting, splicing lines, doing varnish/bright work, and docking procedures. 
  • Teach the licensed deckhand staff in proper small boat operations. (Zodiac, DIB, etc.)

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