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Summer Jobs on the Kenai Peninsula

Seasonal employment opportunities abound with Alaska Wildland Adventures. Summer jobs run from mid-May through mid-September and are based at one of our three lodges on Alaska's stunning Kenai Peninsula. 

Kenai Peninsula, Alaska. We operate three small eco-conscious lodges on the Kenai Peninsula. Lodge locations are within Kenai Fjords National Park, Kenai Wildlife Refuge, and along the turquoise waters of the Kenai River.

About Alaska Wildland Adventures

For over 40 years, Alaska Wildland Adventures has been helping our traveling guests and our employees fully immerse themselves in the Alaskan Wilderness, thereby creating a deep connection with nature. A connection that we hope leads to a conservation mindset that will follow our visitors to their own backyards at home. We all share an affinity for wild places and cozy spaces. Adventure by day, comfort by night. A winning formula for keeping our staff engaged in adventure and fulfilled through shared experience with guests, awards us with a large retention rate. Our staff becomes family. Friendships and connections are forged here. Some have lasted over 30 years and are still going strong.

We offer a variety of summer jobs. Many positions base out of Cooper Landing Alaska and live at our Kenai Riverside Lodge. We also hire staff to work at our remote lodges on Skilak Lake and in Kenai Fjords. These remote eco-lodges are boat access only. Job openings require skills in one or more of the following: outdoor leadership and natural history interpretation, raft or sportfish guiding, sea kayak guiding, hospitality, cooking, van driving, and vehicle and boat maintenance, guest services, expediting. We also hire staff to live and work in Seward Alaska supporting our water taxi operations. 

We seek individuals who understand the value of teamwork, are skillful, high-energy, and people-oriented for unique, small-group, Ecotourism-based travel. Group living skills are a must Our staff becomes very close by having to eat, sleep, and work together. Personal space is hard to come by. If you are not a people person and often find yourself in conflict with others, these positions may not be right for you.  

The Employee Experience

Passion in all that we do!  Care for one another!  Enriching experience!

Ideal Candidate

Our ideal candidate will be someone who understands the balance of working hard and experiencing all that Alaska has to offer.  You will find that your co-workers expect a high level of performance on the job and opportunities to explore Alaska with your new friends will be many. We are a strong community of people that love Alaska and appreciate an inclusive, caring, family atmosphere.  We also seek individuals with a conservation mindset and fascination for the natural world. 

Alaska Wildland Adventures also has a set of guiding principles that we follow that the ideal candidate should understand and appreciate.

Room and Board

Kenai Riverside Lodge:

Since the Kenai Riverside Lodge is on the road system and there is housing available off-site, we do not require staff to live on-site at the lodge. However, we do offer a Meal Service Agreement for all employees. The Meal Service Agreement includes housing (included by Alaska Wildland Adventures at no charge), but there is a $210/month charge for food (pro-rated based on a 30 day month at $7.00/day). Laundry (and detergent) and shower facilities (soap, shampoo, & conditioner) are provided for staff members at no additional charge.

Kenai Backcountry Lodge:

Kenai Backcountry Lodge is in a truly remote location in the heart of the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge, and the only option is to live on-site in staff housing. Therefore, there is no charge for food or housing for staff members at Kenai Backcountry Lodge.  Staff space is much more limited at this lodge, due to efforts to keep our impact low, but you cannot beat the location!  Staff housing includes cabin-tents (2 staff/tent), bathroom and/or an outhouse, shower, and a cabin as a staff "hang-out". Limited amount of electricity is available at the lodge since power is supplied by a small hydro-electric system.  All water at the lodge is provided by a snowmelt stream that flows through the property.  Staff members should participate in the conservation of these essential resources.  

Kenai Fjords Glacier Lodge:

Kenai Fjords Glacier Lodge is remote and within the confines of Kenai Fjords National Park, which is only accessible by boat.  The only option is to live on-site in staff housing. Therefore, there is no charge for food or housing for staff. Staff housing includes cabin-tent (2 staff/tent), bathroom and/or outhouse, shower, and a cabin as a staff "hang out".  Electricity is limited during the evening hours, as the lodge and staff facilities run off of a battery bank that has been charged during the day.  All water on the property comes from a natural spring and is filtered and treated accordingly.  It is important for staff members to participate in the conservation of power and water.

Employee Perks

Work and play in Alaska!

We seek to provide opportunities for staff to get out and enjoy the natural wonders of Alaska.This is why we insist that our seasonal staff take days off every week. We provide training, equipment, and logistical support for your 'days off adventuring'. All of our seasonal staff also are given the opportunity to travel to one of our remote lodge properties during their summer with Alaska Wildland.

In 2007, we were recognized by The Wall Street Journal for being one of the Nation’s Top 15 Winning Workplaces!

Getting Here and Getting Around

Once hired, staff can fly into Anchorage Aiport where we will pick you up and provide transportation to your summer home and workplace. We will also happily return you to the airport for your flight home at the end of the season. If staff would like to have their own car available throughout the summer, then allow a week at least to drive up the Alaska/Canadian Highway. Many more details on how this all works will be provided either during the interview process or upon accepting employment with us.

For Fun

Hiking, kayaking, and fishing opportunities provide staff with ample time to explore Alaska during downtime from work. Oh, and there's blueberry and salmonberry picking, mushroom foraging, ridiculous sunsets (if you're still awake in the heart of the summer), socializing with staff, small-town Alaska music festivals, ping pong at any of our lodges, saunas, dipping into a frigid lake, or just simply sitting back and watching the magic of an Alaskan summer. 

How to Apply

If you are interested in working with Alaska Wildland Adventures this summer, please first visit to get a perspective on the different jobs available.

Once you have determined that this is what you're looking for, please follow the How to Apply section that will prompt you to email your interest, along with a cover letter and resume to the hiring coordinator. Once reviewed, an online application will be sent to you. Any questions regarding the application process can be directed to  We look forward to hearing from you!

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