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Hiring 2023 Kenai River Fly Fishing Guides for Salmon and Trout

Kenai River, Sockeye Salmon, Fishing Guide, Trout, Fly Fishing, Angler

  • summer
Cooper Landing, Alaska
$180.00 / day + tips
Some experience required
Start Date:
Starts in 4 months. (May 31, 2023)

Job Title:  Fishing Guide

Job Objective: To provide a safe and enjoyable sportfishing experience for all KRF guests to the best of their ability considering circumstances on any given day.

Compensation: Salary starting at $180 per day for guided trips and offers free food and housing. Hourly rate for pre-season set up and non-guiding work. For meals, staff can expect to have a stocked kitchen and pantry to prepare breakfast and lunches and dinner is chef prepared and served daily.

Location: Kenai Riverside Lodge; on the Kenai River, Cooper Landing, Alaska. Staff members will fly (if not driving) into Ted Stevens Airport in Anchorage, Alaska where an Alaska Wildland Adventures’ manager or team member will provide transportation to the lodge. We also provide transportation back to the airport at the end of the season.

Our Season: June 4 - September 10. New employees will be required to arrive in late April or Early May to attend mandatory training. Guides may be released early or asked to stay later than September 10 based on bookings.


  • Free Housing
    • Fishing guides are provided their own private tent cabin as a courtesy; staff provide their own linens and blankets
  • Free Food
    • Food is provided free of cost. Stocked staff kitchen for breakfast and lunch. Professionally prepared staff dinner is served daily
  • Provided Equipment
    • Drift and power boats, company vehicle, rods & reels, all standard tackle provided free to guide staff for guided trips
  • Other Provided Equipment/Amenities
    • Use of wood-fired sauna, staff drift boat, and rafts when not being used by guests, as well as filet station, bags, commercial vacuum sealer, and walk-in freezer personal fish storage
  • Discounts
    • On AWA trips and lodging for friends and family
  • Paid Training
  • Staff Events/Activities
    • Lots of outdoor staff social events, adventure partners, and accessible recreation (hiking, biking, fishing, boating, etc.)


  • Work requiring knowledge gained in advanced training and specialized experiences in sportfishing, guiding, teaching of angling techniques, interpretation of fisheries and natural studies, principles of group leadership and interpersonal communications, as well as safety skills and precautions.
  • Performing work that is original, dynamic, and creative in character. Each and every situation during your work may require unique approaches and varying techniques in order to result in a consistent overall high quality experience for trip participants. Alaska Wildland Adventures recognizes that high quality results depend upon the invention, imagination, and talent employee possess’ for this profession.
  • Imparting knowledge and instruction in sportfishing as necessary for trip participants.
  • Employee is recognized by Alaska Wildland Adventures as an outdoor and environmental educator, and the learning, formal and informal, that takes place by trip participants while on the trips is substantial. We highly respect the professional nature of this position.
  • Consistent exercise of discretion and judgment in the performance of the work. Within a wide range of standards and guidelines, employee will be granted independence in carrying out work within generally acceptable standards of this profession.
  • Dynamic time scheduling. Guiding and leading trips involves work of such character that the output produced and the result accomplished is difficult to standardize on a time basis. Accordingly, employee will be compensated on a salary basis.
  • Work requires supervisory capacity over all trip participants for duration of trip.
  • Flexibility and diversity. Employee duties and assignments may be modified and altered incidentally to Employee principal duties to allow for smooth operation of the business and maximum employment opportunities for the Employee. Please recognize that this may from time to time involve working for other departments within AWA.
  • Camp chores as assigned to allow for values of integration, coordination, cross training, employee benefits of sharing drudgery tasks, synergy, and maximum employment opportunity.
  • Employee will be expected to do “dirty work” and manual labor from time to time, sometimes with other departments within AWA

General Requirements:

  • Contribute to communal duties such as washing your own dishes, cleaning up after any common spaces you have used, and demonstrate general courtesy to community spaces.
  • Interact positively with guests and staff members and possess a kind and approachable attitude. We live where we work, and feel it is very important to preserve and promote a healthy and kind culture within our community for our staff members to live in and for our guests to visit. 
  • Possess the ability to work within a team structure and in a flexible manner to accomplish a variety of tasks including food preparation, packing, and guest service in a remote setting. 
  • Ability to live and work in a communal, camp-like atmosphere. Our staff areas offer two kitchens, laundry facilities, lounges, and bathhouses. Our staff tent cabins do not have power or water. It is important our team members are ready for a shift in their accessible amenities and daily routines.
  • High-quality guest service standards. We are incredibly intentional in providing our guests with outstanding services. We are attentive to their needs and treat each guest with intention.
  • Must be organized in personal and professional spaces as all staff members co-exist within them.
  • Must be able to work at a fast pace when needed. A sense of urgency and self-starting tasks is important given some of our time sensitive operations and tasking on a daily basis.
  • Applicants must pass a pre-employment drug screen and participate in a random drug screening program as required by Alaska State Parks and the United States Coast Guard.

Required Certifications:

  1. Minimum Wilderness First Aid (WFA)
  2. Minimum Restricted Operator of Uninspected Passenger Vessels (ROUPV) on Kenai River, or greater USCG licensure
  3. Successful completion of the five day Kenai River Guide Academy
  4. Successful completion of AWA raft, drift boat and fishing guide trainings

AWA will pay or help subsidize the following: Alaska Fishing License, Kenai River Guide Academy, Kenai River Special Management Area Fishing Guide Permit, Alaska Department of Fish and Game Sport Fishing Guide License, pre-employment drug test, UCSG Limited Operator of Uninspected Passenger Vessels (OUPV) License (aka, “six-pack”.)

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