Hospitality Staffer
Alaska Wildland Adventures

Hiring Summer 2022 Hospitality Positions at (3) Different All-Inclusive Eco-Lodges Alaska!

Coastal mountains, glacial rivers, a staff community welcoming to all, and endless outdoor access


Hospitality Staffer

Alaska Wildland Adventures
Seward, Alaska, Cooper Landing, Alaska, and Alaska
$15.00 / hour
No experience required
Start Date:
Starts in 4 months. (May 10, 2022)

JOB TITLE: Hospitality Staff

AVAILABILITY: May 10 - September 10

FOOD & HOUSING: Free dry cabin styled Yukon tent w/ roomate and free food with Chef prepared dinners served daily

LOCATION: We are hiring Hospitality Staff at 3 different lodges!

  • Kenai Riverside Lodge - steps away from the Kenai River located in Cooper Landing, AK with road system access
  • Kenai Backcountry Lodge - lakeside to glacial waters and surrounded by designated wilderness, only accessible by boat and a 30 minute ride across the lake to the nearest road system
  • Kenai Fjords Glacier Lodge - nestled in a glacial bay of Kenai Fjords National Park, only access is a 4 hour boat ride to it's pristine, unique location

JOB OBJECTIVE: Our hospitality staff is the backbone of our guest experience. Whether cleaning cabins or serving dinner, we consider our work as an opportunity to demonstrate care for our guests and each other. This position is responsible for a variety of day-to-day guest services and will support all other hospitality positions. This includes cabin cleaning, dinner service, dishwashing, bartending, and cleaning of staff common areas. Must be organized, personable and have a great attitude and teamwork ethic. Pay is DOE. 


  1. Cheerful and enthusiastic attitude during long days in a sometimes cramped workspace. 

  2. Possess the ability to work within a team structure and in a flexible manner to accomplish a variety of tasks including food preparation, packing, and guest service in a remote setting. 

  3. All positions (including managers) have camp chores and dishwashing duties. Please note: all dishwashing at this lodge is done by hand using a three-step method. 

  4. Ability to live and work in a communal, camp-like atmosphere.

  5. High-quality guest service standards. 

  6. Must be organized, possess a sense of urgency, personable and have a great attitude and teamwork ethic.  


  1. Able to work within a team structure and also independently in different roles and in a flexible manner to accomplish a variety of tasks, including but not limited to: food preparation, packing, housekeeping, serving, and guest service. 

  2. Housekeeping: cleaning, laundering, sanitation, restocking supplies, etc.
    This can include occasions of cleaning 17 cabins in one day on a team of 2-3.

  3. Meal service: serving guests food and beverages, knowledge of menu, bussing tables, dishwashing, restocking supplies, etc.

  4. Understanding our meals are served family style, serving style is of a Banquet Server. No individual tips are left per dining party.

  5. Bartending beer and wine only

  6. Maintaining common areas such as staff kitchen and staff bathroom.

  7. Participate in company practices and policies to conserve natural resources, reduce landfill-bound waste, reduce or eliminate the use of environmentally harmful substances and products and work to help improve AWA’s environmental impact. 

  8. Flexibility and diversity. Employee’s duties and assignments may be modified and altered incidental to Employee’s principal duties to allow for the smooth operation of the business and maximum employment opportunities for the Employee.

  9. Camp chores as assigned to allow for values of integration, coordination, cross-training, employee benefits of sharing drudgery tasks, synergy, and maximum employment opportunity. You will be expected to do "dirty work" and "manual labor" from time to time.


  1. Alaska Food Workers Card (we facilitate)

  2. Alaska TAPs (Training for Alcohol Professionals) Card (we facilitate)

  3. CPR and First Aid