Raft Guide
Alaska River Adventures

Scenic Raft Guides for The Beautiful Upper Kenai River In Alaska

Walking distance to the emerald green Kenai River

Cooper Landing, Alaska
$2,000.00 / month + tips
Some experience required
Start Date:
Job starts in about 1 month (May 13, 2020)

We are seeking rafting guides for the 2020 summer/fall season!  Experience is preferred, although we do offer training.  Anyone interested in training will need to start the season two weeks earlier (around May 15th).  Training is paid!

Considerable pay increase if you have a valid U.S. Coast Guard License!

Rafting guides will typically row from 2 to 10 clients 14.5 river miles, twice per day (about a three-hour tour).  Or a guide may row our full-day trip through the Kenai River Canyon (7-hour tour).

Other duties include:

  • Raft cleaning and maintenance. 
  • Passenger van cleaning and maintenance. 
  • Gear Maintenance, (P.F.D's, rain gear, boots, etc.). 
  • Driving. 
  • Kitchen duties including client lunch preparation, cleaning. 
  • Other tasks, as assigned.

Alaska River Adventures is a small, fun family environment.  We do our best to make sure our guides get ample time to "go out and play".  Cooper Landing is a beautiful isolated town high up in the Kenai Mountains.  

Extracurricular activities include but are not limited to World-class river fishing, boating, kayaking, hiking, mountain climbing, mountain biking, camping, fun nightlife, and great restaurants.

How to Apply

To apply, please send a resume to info@AlaskaRiverAdventures.com. We will review it and then send you a more detailed application. If you need help or have questions, please call us at 907-312-6780.

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