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We have seasonal roles and year around positions available. Training will be on site. Please reference the job listing for details. 


  • Head Brewer

    $25.00 - $33.00 / hour

    About You

    The Head Brewer is responsible for all aspects of the beer production process and day-to-day operations of the brewery. It is a high-level role that can involve many different tasks including managing other brewers, making purchasing decisions, meeting with customers and other businesses, creating new types of beer, setting production goals and managing resources.

    The Head Brewer is highly experienced with the beer brewing process and is ultimately responsible for the quality of beers that a brewery produces. They are usually involved with creative decisions including what kinds of beer to produce, where to source the best raw materials for that particular beer and what kinds of machinery should be used in the production process.

    They must also consider the marketability of the beers they intend to produce and work in conjunction with marketing staff and the brewery owners to develop successful beers.


    • The main contact point for the brewery – acts as the main contact point for the brewery and will liaise with the media, consumers, suppliers, beer trade associations and other businesses.
    • Work with the marketing team to improve the profile of the brewery – For a brewery to be a success, it must sell a high-quality product that is well marketed. The brewery must also maintain a high profile. The Head Brewer works with marketers to publicize the brewery and improve brand recognition. They will also help develop the unique character of the brewery through branding and the types of beer being sold.
    • Selecting and forecasting raw materials that are used in the brewing process – The Head Brewer must be able to evaluate the quality of the raw materials used in the brewing process and work with suppliers. They may have to perform or organize scientific tests on the raw materials to ensure they have specific qualities necessary for beer making.
    • Checking brew conditions – The Head Brewer must ensure that the production process is running correctly, and brew conditions are correct. They may have to manage other brewers, directing their attention as needed and ensuring the beer is meeting specific targets.
    • Record keeping and quality control – Detailed records of the beer production process must be maintained. That will include the quantities of raw materials used, the recipe for the beer, scientific analysis of the brew at different points and final taste testing.
    • Responsible for managing the yeast propagation system.
    • Manage the day-to-day operations of the brewery – Any brewer will spend a great deal of time on the floor of brewery, making sure that staff are working efficiently, and the production process is running smoothly.
    • Help to build the customer base – The Head Brewer will meet with customers and potential customers to showcase the quality of the beer that the brewery is producing. They may have to give customers guided tours of the brewery to demonstrate production capacity and the development of the brewery’s production capacity.
    • Meeting with trade associations – They may have to attend trade association meetings, award presentations and conventions to showcase the breweries products.
    • Develop new brewing recipes to meet market demand – Developing new beers is an important part of the Head Brewer’s job. They often must work with marketing staff to identify market demand for specific types of beer and develop new products to meet that demand.
    • Responsibility for maintaining Occupational Health & Safety and compliance with food standards – Ensuring that staff are working in a safe environment is a key part of the Head Brewer’s job. They may work in conjunction with a health and safety specialist to keep the beer production and bottling processes as safe as possible. Managing hygiene on the production line and ensuring that food safety standards are maintained are also important responsibilities of the Head Brewer.
    • Managing key production requirements and setting KPIs – The brewery will have to produce a specific quality of beer over a certain time period. The Head Brewer manages the timelines involved, sets production goals and identifies key performance indicators.
    • Manage maintenance schedule on the production line – All equipment must be carefully maintained to ensure equipment failure does not delay beer production. The Head Brewer will also advise the brewery owners on the purchase of new equipment.
    • Managing staff skill development – In addition to managing staff, the Head Brewer will help organize training to develop their skills.
    • Advise on capital expenditure – the Head Brewer may have to advise brewer owners on how to best increase production capability. The Head Brewer may also play a role in helping plan capital expenditure in other avenues, including advertising and the hiring of new staff.
    • Manage bottling and delivery processes –the Head Brewer will also oversee the bottling facilities and delivery schedules. They must ensure that clients have received the beer they have ordered.
    • Inventory control – Having adequate raw materials, bottles and packaging materials is an important task that the Head Brewer is responsible for.
    • Budgeting – The Head Brewer will often have a specific budget which they must work within. Equipment purchasing decisions, staffing decisions and the sourcing of raw materials must be managed to fit within that specific budget.
    • Improve the brewery – Goals that improve the productivity of staff and the production line must be established by the Head Brewer. Improvements in other areas including hygiene, capital expenditure, brew quality must also be continual.

    Work Conditions

    The Head Brewer will spend their time on the production floor, in offices and in public spaces, promoting the brewery. The production floor can be a noisy, smelly, hot and humid environment. It can also be a dangerous environment with heavy machinery, hot liquids and forklifts moving very heavy loads. The work hours of the Head Brewer can change dramatically depending on the brewery’s schedule and production issues. They may have to travel to promote the brewery and work unusual hours. The brewery can run 24 hours a day and the Head Brewer may be called into work to fix problems that occur at any time.


    An educational qualification may help the job prospects of a Head Brewer/Production Manger and may possess a degree in one or more of the following areas:

    • Brewing and distilling
    • Chemistry
    • Chemical engineering
    • Microbiology
    • Food science or food technology

    Work Experience

    A Head Brewer/ must have demonstrated experience working as a brewer and managing other staff. Their work experience must also demonstrate that they have strong problem-solving skills, practical skills and in-depth knowledge of beer science to include, but not limited to:

    • At least 3-5 years experience in brewing beer
    • Demonstrated ability to manage a beer production line
    • Experience in a role that involved managing staff
    • Experience keeping records for quality control
    • Experience managing projects
    • Mechanical or engineering experience
    • Food production experience

    Key Skills

    • Communication – will liaise with dozens of people each day including suppliers, employees, managerial staff, suppliers and more.
    • Computer literately and technological skills – Many tasks will be performed on a computer including communication tasks, record keeping, project management and resource management
    • Engineering or mechanical skills – familiar with the equipment used in the brewing process and the specific equipment used by their brewery.
    • Engineering or mechanical skills are very useful when maintaining and installing equipment
    • Excellent project management skills and methodical nature – Beer production is a complex procedure when done at a large scale. The Head Brewer will have to manage each step of the process in fine detail. The brewer must be very methodical, and detail orientated — the brewing process must be replicated precisely every time it is performed to ensure product remains of a high quality.
    • Capable of managing staff – Managing staff well is crucial to the success of the brewery. The Head Brewer must ensure all necessary tasks are being performed correctly by staff and to a sufficient standard.
    • Be capable of innovation and continual improvement – devising innovative ways to improve production and must innovate when it comes to developing new types of beer.

    Work Authorization/Security Clearance

    Must be authorized to work in the US

    AAP/EEO Statement

    Northern Hospitality Group and its affiliates are equal opportunity employers.

    Other Duties

    Please note this job description is not designed to cover or contain a comprehensive listing of activities, duties or responsibilities that are required of the employee for this job. Duties, responsibilities and activities may change at any time with or without notice.

    Please apply to the Master Brewer position on the company website: 

  • Brewing Production Manager

    $25.00 - $33.00 / hour

    The brewing production manager is responsible for the planning and coordination of the entire brewing process. To perform this role they must manage staff, schedule beer production runs, ensure adequate raw materials are available, and make sure that the brewery’s equipment is working correctly. 

    They will also oversee production, supervise beer packaging, maintain a safe work environment, schedule maintenance work and much more. The brewing production manager will work closely with the executive management team and head brewer to ensure that the brewing process remains consistent and that beer production goals are met. 

    This is a key role at the brewery and one that carries a lot of responsibility. They must ensure that the brewery produces high-quality beer — on-time and on-budget. 

    Brewing Production Manager Responsibilities 

    The brewing production manager has wide-reaching responsibilities that bring them into contact with virtually every department and employee in the brewery. Their responsibilities include: 

    • Supervise brewing production from start to finish 
      The brewing production manager will oversee every aspect of the production process, from the acquisition and processing of raw materials to the bottling and dispatch of the finished product. When a problem occurs with a production process, they are usually the first point of contact. 

    • Create brewing, filtration and bottling schedules 
      They must create schedules, so all stages of the brewing process are performed on time and production targets are met. They must ensure that beers are produced to a schedule that maximizes the efficiency of the brewery and its staff. 

    • Work with the head brewer to formulate recipes and ensure quality is maintained 
      The beer production manager will work closely with the head brewer to formulate recipes for large-scale production runs and ensure those recipes are correctly followed. They will be involved with the quality assurance process and play a significant role in ensuring the brewery continues to make great beer. 

    • Help to create a realistic budget for beer production and monitor that budget 
      They will help management create an appropriate budget for beer production runs, then take the steps necessary to ensure the budget is met during production runs. 

    • Coordinate beer movements throughout the brewery 
      They are responsible for moving beer throughout the brewery and making changes based on any issues that occur. Those issues could include changes to production goals, issues with raw materials, or mechanical issues. 

    • Work with materials suppliers 
      The brewing production manager will be involved with suppliers of raw materials for brewing beer, packaging suppliers, and brewing equipment suppliers. They must maintain good working relationships with these companies and individuals. 

    • Ensure beer remains high-quality 
      They attend daily and weekly tastings to test the quality of the beer being produced. They may also work with laboratory staff to evaluate chemical composition analysis of the beers being created and raw materials being used. 

    • Continually improve production processes and the quality of beer 
      The brewing production manager must adopt a philosophy of continual improvement. They will constantly look for ways to brew beer more efficiently and increase the quality of the finished product. They will also troubleshoot any problems that occur in the brewing process. 

    • Work with the management team to forecast brewery costs 
      They must develop an estimate for future brewery production costs, which is presented to upper management. 

    • Make sure that the brewery staff understands their roles 
      The brewing production manager will supervise staff and make sure they are performing their roles adequately. They will also develop training and mentorship programs at the brewery to improve the skills of workers. 

    • Enforce occupational health and safety standards 
      They must ensure the brewery is a safe place to work and they play a role in enforcing safety standards on the production line. The beer production manager will also perform safety audits and ensure that anyone visiting the brewery does so safely. 

    • Ensure the brewery is extremely clean and complies with food regulations 
      The brewery production manager will be very vigilant when it comes to workplace hygiene. They must ensure that all machinery is correctly maintained and sanitised after use. 

    Educational Requirements 

    The brewery production manager will typically have: 

    • A formal brewing qualification (IBD diploma or equivalent) 

    • A management qualification or the equivalent experience 

    • Ideally, they will have a bachelor’s degree in food production, chemistry, biology, business, engineering or business. 

    • Knowledge of OSHA and safety standards 

    • Knowledge of government regulatory programs and HACCP 


    • A significant amount of experience managing a brewery production line (5 or more years) 

    • A demonstrated ability to drive improvement and innovation at a brewery 

    • Experience in managing a team 

    • Experience running a production line and implementing quality assurance schemes 

    • Proven ability to use best practice manufacturing techniques to improve a brewery 


    • Excellent written and verbal communication skills 

    • IT skills 

    • Excellent leadership skills, the ability to motivate a team and to maintain positive morale in the workplace 

    • Personable, approachable and pleasant demeanour 

    • Strong knowledge of brewing practices and different beers 

    • Strong understanding of process controls 

    • Planning and organisational skills 

    • Problem-solving and decision-making skills 

    • Strong work ethic and the ability to multi-task 

    • Attention to detail and accuracy 

    • Physically fit and able to work in a demanding environment 

    Work Authorization/Security Clearance

    Must be authorized to work in the US

    AAP/EEO Statement

    Northern Hospitality Group and its affiliates are equal opportunity employers.

    Other Duties

    Please note this job description is not designed to cover or contain a comprehensive listing of activities, duties or responsibilities that are required of the employee for this job. Duties, responsibilities and activities may change at any time with or without notice.

    Please apply to the Operations Manager position on the company website: 

  • Shift Brewer

    $18.00 - $20.00 / hour


    Join our team and help lead a crew of brewers crafting our beers, as well as grow with us into the transition from brewpub to production brewery. We seek a knowledgeable brewer willing to take on the tasks of a growing brewery, who has the foundation of experience to tackle increased production, sour beer production, non-sour barrel aging, packaging and more.

    Essential Functions

    • Be a team leader, mentor, trainer, and more.
    • Shift work as well as weekend shifts as required to reach company goals.
    • Perform all daily duties but not limited to: brew house operations, tank and environmental cleaning, yeast handling, cellar work, etc.
    • Perform all maintenance tasks to ensure the smooth operation of equipment.
    • Keep accurate inventory and quality management of raw materials and chemicals.
    • Keep accurate daily production records per company and Federal Requirements.
    • Repeated lifting of 55 lb+ bags
    • Confined space work required as well as knowledge of safety protocols for such work.

    Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.


    • Communication.
    • Critical Evaluation.
    • Relationship Management.
    • Ethical Practice.
    • Computer and technological.
    • Project management.

    Supervisory Responsibility

    Supervise assistant brewer and other brewery workers/volunteers.

    Work Environment

    There are stairs and uneven surfaces.  The noise level in the work environment can be loud, hot, and humid. Work with heavy machinery and equipment The employee may be exposed to hazards including, but are not limited to, slipping, tripping, falls, and hot liquids. Frequent hand washing is required due to staff interactions in food prep areas.  Job responsibilities may include working outdoors in the Denali, Alaska area during all seasons, when temperatures are at or below freezing and walking surfaces may be slippery.

    Please apply to the Brewer position on the company website:

  • Cellerman

    $18.00 - $20.00 / hour

    About You

    • Must be flexible and willing to work nights and weekends
    • Schedule requirement- based upon production, must have flexibility throughout the week and available to work a 10-hour shift 
    • CIP cycle of all fermenters, lager, and bright tanks
    • Centrifuge operation and CIP
    • Yeast handling including cropping, storing, and pitching
    • Product transfers
    • Product dry-hopping
    • Maintaining a sanitary and organized environment
    • Kegging
    • Keg washing
    • In line carbonating process
    • Quality control testing and reporting
    • Brink CIP and sanitization
    • Line CIP and sanitization
    • Cellar maintenance and cleaning
    • Individual will be required to work with other team members to ensure that brewery operations are carried out properly and effectively

    Knowledge-Skills Requirements: 

    • Strong sense of organization
    • Ability to safely and properly handle and administer chemicals
    • Motivated and detail oriented
    • Maintain professional attitude at work while representing 49th State Brewing Company outside the brewery
    • Mechanical intuition
    • Ability to work well in a team environment and independently
    • Passion for the brewing industry and creating quality beer
    • Embody 49th State Brewing Company’s core values

    Physical Requirements: 

    • While performing the duties of this job, the employee is regularly required to stand, walk, climb, stoop, kneel, crouch
    • The employee must regularly lift more than 50 pounds and maneuver 175 pounds. Forklift operation experience a plus.
    • Employee may be exposed to temperature changes, wet or humid conditions, noise, vibrations, and other brew production-related hazards when in the brew production and storage areas.
    • Work in small and confined spaces.
    • Work on feet for several hours, including entire shift if necessary.
    • Work safely with chemicals with reasonable safety accommodations.

How to Apply

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