Alaska Nature Guides

Our hikes feature spectacular wilderness, wildlife, and views of Denali with a great naturalist guide.
The Chulitna River House, our guides residence in Denali State Park, in winter.
Sunset at Denali View South, two miles from the River House.
Byers Lake, where we guide daily nature walks.
Byers Lake, a splendid sight and bastion of life.
Our guides are expert naturalists who enthusiastically share Alaska's natural wonders with our guests.
Loons nest on Byers Lake every year.
Trumpeter swans on our Byers Lake Nature Walk.
We use trail cameras to show our guests the unseen.
Denali State Park has healthy populations of moose, bears, ans spawning salmon.
Two of our awesome guides on a Talkeetna Heli Hike.
Two of our great guides at the local eatery.
Our guide with a happy family on a Talkeetna Lakes Hike.
Our illustrious former guide Freddy!
Our Denali Wilderness Hike gains 1100 feet for great Denali views.
As with most of Alaska, many of our guests are cruise ship passengers.
We do presentations for groups about natural history and climbing Denali.
We demonstrate survival skills like using a primitive bowdrill to start a fire.
Fall means berries, salmon, mushrooms, and spectacular fall colors.
In fall, it's getting dark enough to finally see some northern lights.

South Denali Hikes and Custom Tours

Our naturalist hiking guides lead day hikes, nature walks, and custom trips into the spectacular natural areas of the South Denali region. We are family owned and operated in the South Denali area since 2004.

Denali State Park and Talkeetna, Alaska

About Alaska Nature Guides

Alaska Nature Guides offers naturalist-led hikes, nature walks, and custom trips in the South Denali area of Talkeetna and Denali State Park. We are based in the charming frontier town of Talkeetna, which is our year-round family home. Most of our trips are in Denali State Park, an hour north of Talkeetna, not to be confused with the bigger, bustling national park even further north.

Our guides typically live at the Chulitna River House, our home within the state park. Our season runs mid-May through mid-September, when we are busy taking Alaska's visitors out into pristine natural areas to experience the wonders of Alaska.

We have a happy crew of guides who usually return year after year. They get to show off an amazing place to curious and adventurous travelers, and go on their own adventures on their free time. We're looking for just the right person. Is it you?

The Employee Experience

You would be living in a fairly remote area with few social outlets nearby. Talkeetna, 50 minutes south, is a fun frontier/tourist town with lots of outdoor activities, live music, and good people. That's our home town! You may be asked to guide some trips there as well. 

We very carefully select our guides, so we always have a great team of nice people who work and live harmoniously. It's a happy workplace, where you are well supported by the owners and each other. Still, there are difficulties of the job that you need to meet with hard work, a commitment to excellence, and a positive attitude. Guides agree that the hardest parts of the job are mosquitoes, rain, and burnout.  This job includes lots of time talking with tourists, touring some of the same places day after day, so you have to be a people person with a knack for customer service and resistance to burnout.

Ideal Candidate

We are looking for people with guiding, teaching, naturalist, customer service, and Alaska experience. You must be a strong team player who gets along in a communal living situation. You must have a strong work ethic and value professionalism. You must have an appreciation for the natural world and a passion for sharing and exploring it. You must have a clean driving record, current first aid/CPR certification, and your own vehicle. You must be a generally positive person who others enjoy being around. Our guides run their own trips from start to finish, so you must be self-motivated and an independent worker. We are certified by Adventure Green Alaska as a responsible ecotourism company, and we seek guides who share a strong environmental ethic.

Room and Board

The River House has two single rooms, a double room, and a cabin (where the lead guide lives). It has heat, electric, garden, great internet, running water, shower, and full kitchen, but no indoor toilet, just an outhouse. It is a beautiful setting within Denali State Park. Talkeetna is 50 minutes south.

Groceries are a half-hour drive from the river house. For all of these reasons, a reliable car is required for employment with us. 

For Fun

Denali State Park is our big, wonderful backyard. It has world-class hiking, fishing, scenery, and views of 20,310 ft. Denali, the continent's highest peak. There is abundant wildlife , especially bears and moose. For someone with a passion for the outdoors, this is the place to be. We try to give our guides full weekends so they can get out and explore, so they come back jazzed and with great stories to share about adventures, wildlife encounters, and unique Alaskan experiences.

How to Apply

Check out our website and apply online.

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