Seasonal Evening Janitorial and Maintenance Tech

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Responsible for janitorial cleaning throughout the Center to meet high standards of cleanliness.  Works with the Facility Rental Department to support customer expectations for setup and tear down for events. Responsible for interior and exterior building and equipment general maintenance and upkeep and summer grounds keeping.  Will assist with maintaining a safe work environment. 

This position will be generally scheduled during the evening with the Center open seven-days a week, nights, and weekends, scheduled in advance based on company work demands.  Some overtime will be required.



  1. Assist with janitorial needs according to the Janitorial Standards and Janitorial Cleaning Schedule checklist outlining daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly cleaning priorities to meet high standards of cleanliness communicated during daily, weekly and monthly inspections by the Maintenance Supervisor. 
  2. Janitorial tasks include but are not limited to, vacuuming, sweeping, waxing, and mopping of floors, emptying trash receptacles, picking up trash around interior and exterior of facility, dusting, sanitizing toilets and other restroom fixtures, cleaning mirrors and glass windows and doors, polishing brass and stainless, shampooing carpets, restocking restroom and kitchen dispensers, and setting up and tearing down for events Janitorial closets are kept clean of dirt and supplies organized. 
  3. Janitorial machinery cleaned and stored properly.


  1. Performs work order requests as assigned, including assisting in light and ballast changes, taping, mudding, and painting and general repairs and maintenance.
  2. Outdoor equipment is kept in good working order. Mechanical rooms are kept clean of dirt and debris.

Grounds Keeping:

  1. General upkeep of facility and grounds as needed. 
  2. Performs general grounds keeping tasks; mowing, weeding, watering, fertilizing lawns, planting of flowers, and pruning of shrubs and trees.
  3. Pick up of trash around exterior of building, parking lots and village sites.


  1. Assists all departments in moving of furniture, large and small office items and supplies to and from multiple locations at the Center. 
  2. Moves, loads, and removes large, discarded items from Center and hauls and unloads at dump site.


  1. Monitor’s safety issues at the Center; keeping walkways, halls, and exits clear of items and materials.
  2. Familiar with SDS data, Safety Manual rules and regulations, Emergency Radio Codes.


  1. Responsible for the evening lock down of facility, ensuring all doors and windows are secured, alarm is activated, and gates are locked.


  1. Attends monthly facility meetings.


  1. Minimum of 1-2 years’ experience in general maintenance. 
  2. Minimum of one year janitorial and grounds keeping skills.
  3. Experience with various hand tools and power equipment a plus: Weed Eater, Lawn Mower, Snow Blower, Bobcat, ATV, Man Lift, Power Tools, Floor cleaners/scrubbers, Plow Truck and Sander
  4. Minimum of High School Diploma or equivalent. 


  1. Additional duties as assigned based on needs of the business.



  1. Indoors: Primarily in an environmentally controlled office;
  2. Outdoors: Ability to work outside in all weather conditions typical for Anchorage Alaska Summers.

Noise level:

  1. Quiet to loud.

Physical requirements:

  1. Employee is required to lift and/or move up to 75 lbs.
  2. Frequently required to sit, stand, walk, use hands/fingers to handle or feel, climb, stoop, kneel, crouch or crawl, talk/hear, see, taste/smell, and carry weight/lift.




I have reviewed and understand the above position description and believe it to be accurate and complete.

I also agree that ANHC retains the right to change this job description at any time and will provide me with written revisions and addendum prior to the installation of the new policies or requirements.

I will also be provided a copy of a Company Policy Manual, detailing other requirements and responsibilities, in addition to those stated in this document.  I also understand that, although there are areas, which can be delegated to other members of my staff, I am fully accountable for assuring that these areas are carried out on a daily or weekly basis.  The functional role of Maintenance Tech cannot be delegated to another member of the team.

Therefore, the undersigned are in common agreement on the functional role of the Maintenance Tech, as outlined in this document.  It is understood and agreed that this Position Description is intended to serve as a listing of the requirements for this position, the authority for action that the individual occupying the Maintenance Tech’s position has and the responsibilities and duties to be performed.  This document is not intended as a contract for employment, nor does it guarantee employment for any period of time.   Employment is “At Will” and employment may be mutually terminated at any time.



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* Please provide a signed copy to employee and send original to Avitus Group Inc. for employee’s personnel file.