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Rock Climbing / Zip Lining Site Manager

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Rock Climbing / Zip Lining Site Manager

Alaska Mountain Guides & Chilkat Guides
Skagway, Alaska
Some experience required
Start Date:
Starts in about 2 months. (Mar 25, 2023)

AMG operates a top rope rock climbing program, a hiking program and an adventure park style canopy tour for guests visiting Skagway, Alaska on cruise ship-based day trips. The assistant site manager position, in addition to their guiding duties, manages the facilitation of these three programs when the site manager is not present. The Skagway RZ Assist. Mgr. is responsible for ensuring guest safety by making certain that guides adhere to all safety protocols, by aiding and directing ongoing site inspection while working closely with the manager to schedule regular preventative course, trail and crag maintenance. This position will assist in the oversight of a guiding staff of 30-40 guides depending on the time of the summer.

The assistant site manager reports directly to the RZ Manager to ensure a smooth chain of command for on-site operations. Stepping beyond the guide role and into the “Assistant RZ Manager” is key to bringing success at the Skagway site.

Site Related Essential Job Functions:

  • Help to run a safe, efficient and high-quality programing.
  • Ensure all site documentation stays up to date to provide a clear and accurate hand-off daily.
  • Provide input for RZ manager’s weekly reports to Skagway office.
  • Be positive and outgoing when dealing with guides and guests.
  • Responsible for being certain that all guides follow all policies and procedures as outlined in the Skagway Guide Manual, Employee Manual and Emergency Response Manuals through delegation and direct management of the team.
  • Immediately addressing any performance or safety issues with guides as they occur and reporting to site manager.
  • Ensure that all safety talks are completed at the time of delivery.
  • Ensure that the site is ready and up to standards to start the season.
  • Ensure that all guides are portraying a professional image to guests and provide top level customer service.
  • In the case of an emergency, coordinate guides to ensure that procedures are accurately followed, and that communication is constant, paperwork is correctly filled out and collected.
  • Ensure all emergency response equipment is correctly stationed, complete, and up to date.
  • Relay to RZ Manager performance and progress of all guides.
  • Manage Kiosk to be certain that it is being used as an effective sales/marketing tool.
  • Assist with providing continuing training opportunities for guides throughout the season.
  • Attend weekly meetings as requested.
  • Manage the stock of all inventories and maintaining pars.
  • Together with the RZ Manager, coordinate the close of the site at the end of the season.
  • Other duties as dictated by daily needs.

These are just a list of general responsibilities and aren’t comprehensive. Most importantly, the Assistant RZ Manager needs to be flexible to react to varying needs of day-to-day operations. Coordinating with the RZ Manager is vital to the success of these programs.

Klondike Rock Climbing & Rappelling, Adventure Park & Zip Lines and Skagway Adventure Hike:

Alaska Mountain Guides Adventures currently offers four Skagway based tours to cruise ship guests visiting during the summer season: Klondike Rock Climbing & Rappelling, Adventure Park & Zip Lines, Combo: Rock Climbing, Rappelling & Zip, Skagway Adventure Hike.

Now entering our sixteenth year of operation in Skagway, our tenth year operating the Adventure Park, and our fifth year operating the Skagway Adventure Hike, we see an enthusiasm for these tours unsurpassed in the outdoor recreation industry. AMG looks to our staff to progressively maintain the highest quality outdoor experiences for our guests.

Experience Required to Perform Job Requirements

  • Prior guiding, leadership, and tourism experience helpful.
  • Must be able to lift up to 60 pounds repeatedly throughout each day.
  • Must be able to carry loads over uneven ground.
  • Must possess strong work ethic.
  • Must be punctual.
  • Must be organized.
  • Must have great, positive attitude.
  • Must be comfortable speaking to large groups of people.
  • Must be able to handle multiple, simultaneous groups of guests.
  • Current WFR or EMT certification
  • Previous canopy tour facilitation and/or management experience
  • Knowledge of challenge course and canopy tour maintenance and inspection procedures
  • Willing and able to acquire Skagway chauffer’s permit once onsite

General Questions:

This summary guide you through what are likely some initial questions you might have regarding the following: Employee Training, Professionalism, Training Courses, Mid-Season Operations, Living Space and Rent Structure, Program Equipment, Standard Dress Requirements, Pro-Deals, Pets, Travel and Logistics. These items are all outlined in detail in the Employee Manual. Please feel free to direct any questions to the AMG office by email or phone.


AMG employees represent the company whether they are working with clientspacking in the warehouse, or off the clock and hanging in town. AMG expects employees to always conduct themselves in a professional manner and provide a leading example in the community for the type of behavior associated with the quality guide service that employs them. We live and work in small Alaskan communities, poor/inappropriate behavior will quickly establish a bad reputation for an individual and reflect poorly on the company as a whole.

Mid-Season Operations

Spring & summer are our primary seasons of operations. Expedition trips typically run April through August, with June and July being our busiest months. Expedition/Field opportunities may vary depending on individual experience and qualifications, but in general 15 days of field time in June/July is on par with most expedition guide’s schedule. Guides may be called on to support daily programming in between expeditions, packing and daily programs are assessed as hourly pay while multi-day programs are handled through day wages. Staff can expect full time work in June and July, individuals who routinely help with daily programs will likely find full time work is available May through September.

Living Space and Rent Structure

We offer employee housing options in Haines & Skagway; the two towns are separated by about 15 miles off ocean along the northern end of the Inside Passage. Despite being in close proximity, the towns are separated by mountains and glaciers requiring a 5+ hour drive through Canada to connect between towns. During the summer months daily transfers along the fjord via fast ferry take about 45 minutes to get between towns, thus it is possible for guides to commute between towns for work. Haines is the base of our expeditions programs while Skagway operates numerous daily climbing, zipline, hike, and rafting programs.

Skagway housing consists of three houses, most rooms are shared occupancy with a few single occupancy rooms typically reserved for senior staff and managers/admin. The bedspace in Skagway housing is reserved primarily for employees who will be involved with daily rock climbing, ziplining, rafting, and hiking tours. Expedition guides who will not be supporting these Skagway programs should plan on living in Haines.

Additional Notes:

  • Bedding and personal items are not included
  • Rent deductions are made twice a month with 50% of the month’s rent deducted from the 1stand 2ndpaycheck.
  • Rent is prorated for the first month, rent for the last pay period will be deducted in full even if you vacate housing early.
  • Employees must vacate housing within 72 hours of their final shift unless other arrangements have been approved by management.
  • Pets – Must be approved by management, approval may be rescinded if your pet causes problems or is not friendly towards humans and other animals.
  • Failure to abide by rules outlined in the employee manual and housing agreement may result in immediate expulsion from employee housing.

Additional Job Responsibilities

Employees will be called on to participate in a variety of activities associated with the climbing and adventure park sites and operation, as well as residential upkeep. Routine maintenance at the climbing and zip sites includes course and route inspections, maintenance and route cleaning, documentation of inspections, trail work, and area development. Daily operations also include vehicle cleaning and washing as well as other maintenance.

Employees may be called on to share driving responsibilities and potentially other part time office duties. Driving is an important part of the program and guides will be expected to not only be safe and abide by all local and state driving regulations but also to be entertaining for our guests. The drive to and from the climbing/zip site is an opportunity to enhance the guest’s experience by providing historical and interesting information about the city, its history, the beautiful outdoors surrounding us, and other types of trips and programs that the guests can participate in the future with AMG. Please see the requirements for CDL driving in above CDL description.

Employees may also be called on to participate in Haines-based long trip programs at any time. The opportunity to gather additional experience in any of these programs is a privilege. One of the key elements of the AMG and IWLS structure is the use of staff from Skagway for programs generally originating in Haines. The ability to be flexible with schedules and adapt to changes, sometimes with short notice, is a requirement and expectation of your employment.

Standard Dress and Professional Appearance

Alaska Mountain Guides requires guides to maintain a professional image at all times. As outlined in the Guide Manual, you will be issued guiding equipment and clothing that will be required to be worn at all times while working. Personal pants will be neat and clean without stains, holes or other frayed areas.

The standard Skagway uniform is your name tag, tucked in AMG uniform shirt and/or guide jacket with guide or Carhartt style pants and closed toed outdoor shoes/boots.

AMG requires staff to be clean with appropriate hygiene and appear professional while working. There are showers available in both of the guide houses and there are no excuses for not meeting these standards.


AMG provides the opportunity for employees to have access to top end outdoor merchandise and equipment at discounted rates. AMG is pleased to work with Black Diamond, Mountain Hardwear and Sierra Designs to meet many of our program needs. These programs are a privilege and considered a perk of the job. Abuse of these opportunities is taken very seriously and will result in loss of privileges and disciplinary action. Specific details will be outlined upon arrival in Skagway.

Travel and Logistics

Employees are responsible for their own travel arrangements to and from Skagway, AMG will assist wherever possible in helping outline necessary steps in travel plans. Please make arrangements with a few days on either end of the season for mishaps. Alaska weather can delay planes/ferries bound from Juneau or make driving conditions difficult or impassable.

Please plan to arrive in Skagway at least the day prior to your first day to training (unless directed to head to Haines for orientation); this will give us all time to prepare for the upcoming events.

Suggested Reading

To prepare better for your guide training and work this summer we STRONGLY suggest familiarizing yourself with some of the following books:

  • Guide to the Birds of Alaska by Robert H. Armstrong
  • The Nature of Southeast Alaska by Carstensen, Armstrong & O’Clair
  • Plants of the Pacific Northwest Coast: Washington, Oregon, British Columbia & Alaska by Pojar
  • The Alaska Almanac published by Alaska Northwest Books
  • Chilkoot Pass by Archie Satterfield
  • Chilkoot Trail: Heritage Route to the Klondike by Neufeld & Norris
  • The Klondike Fever: The Life and Death of the Last Great Gold Rush by Pierre Berton
  • The Skagway Story by Howard Clifford
  • Mountaineering: Freedom of the Hills by The Mountaineers

We encourage staff to learn as much about our area before arrival and will continue to encourage guides to improve their naturalist abilities to better themselves and the experience we offer our guests.

We hope this overview has helped to provide an initial understanding of the responsibilities and company overview. Please don’t hesitate to contact our office for additional information and assistance with any questions!

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