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Horseback Guide

Alaska X
Skagway, Alaska
$18.00 / hour + tips
Previous experience required
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So, you want to spend your summer working with horses? Then, how does working with about 35 of them sound? If you enjoy working with many different horses, and you have top-notch horsemanship skills, then this may be the position for you. Our horseback guides provide general care for our horses. This includes feeding, watering, and scooping up after them. They also work with horses and get them ready for guest use by training & breaking them in. Our horseback guides share their love of horses with our guests in performing 3 different roles on a rotation basis as often as needed: driver, rider, and stay-back. Our drivers greet our guests on the cruise ship docks and provide them with a narrated tour while safely driving them to and from the ranch in Dyea. Riders take our guests out on the trail, ensure their safety, and provide them with a narrated adventure through the forest. Stay-backs do chores around the ranch to keep it a great place to be (saddling, unsaddling, and general upkeep of horses and ranch).

To be a fantastic horseback guide with us excellent communication skills and the ability to entertain is a must! Our guides are great storytellers and are very good at keeping our guests entertained. Customer service skills is also very important as this position has a high level of interaction with our guests. You must be willing to ride any horse and be willing to help train them. Attention to safety is important. Our horseback guides must possess strength and physical endurance to saddle between 24-26 horses at a time as well as guide guests on a 2 hour ride up to 4 times a day. You must also have the ability to mount without a stepping stool or without assistance. Finally, some guides will need to have a CDL, so a clean driving record is also a must. You do not need a CDL in order to apply for this position. We provide all the training needed in order to obtain one.

Pay: $18.00 - $22.00 DOE per hour

How to Apply

How to Apply

To apply, please visit our website.  Our website tells you all about our positions, and it has our application ready and waiting for you.

Our recruiting process is ongoing, and we will be accepting 2022 applications until all of our positions are filled.  The minimum age for most positions is 18. However, for certain positions, preference is given to applicants who are at least 21 years old.

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