Glacier Guide
Above & Beyond Alaska Wilderness Adventures

Canoe Commute - Glacier Guides take the helm en route to the Mendenhall Glacier

Glacier Trekking, Ice Climbing, and Big Canoe Guides Wanted!

Glaciers, Bears, and Whales!

Juneau, Alaska
$15.00 / hour + tips
Some experience required
Start Date:
Job starts in about 2 months (Apr 20, 2020)

Our glacier tours access the magnificent Mendenhall Glacier by foot or large canoe.  Guides will be trained in specific tours and technical skills that correspond with their ability level and motivation to grow.  Additionally, guides will develop a formidable knowledge of the unique rainforest, glacial ecosystems, and geographical features.  

Our Trips:

Canoe Paddle and Glacier Trek - An 6.5 hour large canoe and ice trekking adventure!

Mendenhall Glacier Trek - 8 hours of technical hiking and ice trekking exploration

Glacier Blue - A 9 hour technical hike and introduction to ice climbing!

Our pre-season training program is a multi-faceted experience tailored to a wide range of abilities.  We'll teach you how to paddle 29' canoes with up to 12 guests, use crampons, harnesses, and various systems to safely access incredible ice features on the Mendenhall Glacier.  Learn various skills, systems, and techniques - Rappelling, Self-Ascension, V-Thread, Simple and Complex Pulley Systems, Anchor Building, Top Rope Site Management, Belaying, And More!

Our guides embody Above and Beyond Alaska’s dedication to safety, customer service, and environmental conservation. ABAK Guides must be able to participate in an intensive pre-season training program at the end of April to learn or develop technical skills, natural history knowledge, and superior customer service strategies.  

General Duties Include, but are not limited to…

  • Actively contribute to a collaborative team environment in the field and company headquarters.
  • Prepare equipment and food for trips, process used gear post-trip, make repairs as needed, and maintain clean warehouse facilities and vehicles.
  • Transport clients in large vans to and from downtown Juneau.
  • Guide 6 – 10-hour technical hiking, glacier trekking, and/or ice climbing tours for up to 7 clients, provide natural history narrative, and manage clients while maintaining awareness of glacier conditions, risk, and weather.

***Wilderness First Responder Certification Required***

Above and Beyond Alaska is hosting a Wilderness First Responder Course in Juneau April 13-18.  This certification course is offered to all team members at a subsidized rate.  Pre-Season Training starts on April 20, 2020. Please contact for more information!

Preferred Experience:

  • Technical Skills (Rappelling, Self-Ascension, V-Thread, Simple and Complex Pulley Systems, Anchor Building, Top Rope Site Management, Belaying, And More)
  • (1) Year guiding hiking, trekking, or climbing day trips in a wilderness, or semi-wilderness setting

Experience working in a high-volume tour, restaurant, or hospitality business

Applicants without guiding experience, who are otherwise qualified, must have demonstrated expertise in a relevant outdoor activity (e.g. glacier trekking, technical hiking, canoeing, ice climbing, rock climbing, etc.).

How to Apply

Please complete the online application!

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