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Ranger/Flower Gardener: Works as a member of the Office team, reports to Networks and Staffing Coordinator (Rettie Duke) and Ranch Manager (Lissa Howe).

Key traits for success: interest in/love of gardening, independence, attention to detail, work ethic. Responsible for maintaining the perennial flower gardens and landscaping on the Ranch, as well as annual potted flowers. Duties include planting and maintaining flowerbeds and planters/baskets around the ranch, overseeing the planting of new trees and shrubs and their maintenance during the summer; weeding, watering, pruning, fertilizing, etc. The gardener/ranger also maintains, cleans, and stocks all bird feeders on the ranch with assistance from other members of the ranger crew. The Flower Gardener is also responsible for regular ranger duties, as the gardening schedule permits. [see Ranger job description]

All Ranger staff work a 6/day work week with an average of 8hrs a day.