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Food Service/Beverage Team (Wine and Bar)

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Bartender: Reports to Food and Beverage Manager. Works as a member of Food and Beverage staff with the specific role of providing high-level service of wine, cocktails, beer, spirits, and other drinks to guests. Members of the beverage team also support all aspects of guest and staff dining services, including working shifts as dishwashers, helping deep clean and set up food service areas, serve food to staff and guests, and other general food and beverage tasks. They are responsible for maintaining the bar areas, wine storage areas, for guest/staff beverage sales, billing, and beverage inventory management. Key traits for success: reliability, trustworthiness, autonomous work ethic, intellectual interest in wine, beer, and spirits, time management, customer service, organization, high retention of information, and keen attention to detail.

Bartenders team are trained in all of A Bar A’s wine selections, bar selections, service styles, and general beverage knowledge. They have specific daily responsibilities, shift assignments, and administrative duties (such as billing, physical inventory and order reports). They are responsible for the setup, organization, operation, and sanitation of all bar areas. Bartenders must present an exceptional level of knowledgeable and professional guest service, provide and pour quality drinks, and maintain consistent customer experience across all beverage outlets. Bartenders are required to enforce A Bar A policies and Wyoming State Law for guest and staff drinking and bar hours.

Bartenders work a 6-day work week with an average of 9 hours/day.