Crew Chef (Employee Dining Room)

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The EDR Chef works as a member of the Food and Beverage team, and reports to the Chef.

Key traits for success: strong culinary skills, independence, work ethic/stamina, creativity, customer service/caring. The staff dining experience at the A Bar A is a vital part of ranch operations. The Crew Chef (also called the Employee Dining Room (EDR) Chef) is responsible for planning and preparing all meals for the A Bar A staff (approximately 100 people) throughout the summer season (including planning for his/her days off). The Crew Chef works directly with another Crew Chef to plan, execute, serve, and clean up after all staff meals.


Key Responsibilities

  • Plan and execute balanced and healthy meals for 100+ staff, providing alternative options for individuals with dietary needs (lunch and dinner)
  • Prepare par stocked items for a 24/7 salad and deli bar (slicing deli meats, preparing veggies, stocking salad dressings)
  • Repurpose other food for staff meals, ability to adjust plans quickly and effectively
  • Serve all meals efficiently and sanitarily
  • Stock the employee dining space with snacks, juices, yogurts, chips, fruit etc.
  • Provide relevant order guides to Chef
  • Thoroughly clean the space after every meal in readiness for the next.
  • Take care of all leftover food, providing “ready to eat” leftover meals
  • Seek feedback for menu refinement and development

All culinary staff work a 6/day work week with an average of 10hrs a day.