Executive Chef
A Bar A Ranch

Join our wonderful community in a beautiful setting -- on a historic Wyoming guest ranch!

Unique opportunity to live on WY ranch in the summer and travel in the winter--paid year-round!

  • year round

Executive Chef

A Bar A Ranch
Encampment, Wyoming
$70,000.00 - $85,000.00 / year + tips
Previous experience required
Start Date:
Starts in 4 months. (Apr 01, 2024)

Job Description: A Bar A Ranch Executive Chef

A Bar A’s Mission: create opportunities for people to make deep connections: with themselves, with others, and with the land, in an authentic Western setting.

The A Bar A Ranch is a historic guest ranch in southern Wyoming’s Medicine Bow Mountains. For more than a century, the ranch has been a summer home-away-from-home for guests and staff from across the country and around the world.

A Bar A is known for the special sense of community that is fostered here, among both guests and staff. With a return rate of over 90%, the ranch is part of family legacies that span generations. Key to this culture are the relationships built among families. The social aspect of the A Bar A experience centers around meals shared with friends and family.

The culinary program at A Bar A supports the authentic Western experience through creative, simple, delicious food that is sourced locally and regionally, when possible. Menus are unpretentious, well-crafted, with a nod to Western traditional favorites. The guest dining experience includes cookouts where meals are prepared outdoors over a fire. The program also focuses on providing healthy and varied meals for the staff team (3/day).  

The A Bar A Chef is responsible for overseeing all aspects of the culinary program at the A Bar A. They work full-time on-site May through September and part-time/office work off-site October through April, with year-round salary and benefits. Housing is provided on the ranch during the summer season.

Chef candidates should have a proven track record of successful leadership in a similar setting (e.g., lodge, resort, guest ranch, events catering). The ranch provides meals for approximately 250 people (both guests and staff) per day during the ranch’s operating season.

Pride: Our Chef takes pride in the food they have been creating over the course of their career, as well as the legacy of the culinary program at the A Bar A. They have pride in their team, the guest experience, and their role as a leader and community member.     

Passion: Our Chef sees their work as an opportunity to positively contribute to guest families’ and staff members’ lifelong memories. They believe in the power of food to create connections.

Team: The A Bar A is known for its outstanding team of employees who care deeply about supporting one another and working hard for the mission. The Chef is an effective leader who works side-by-side with their culinary team and supports the ranch team as a whole.

Teaching: The A Bar A Chef is first and foremost a teacher who enjoys developing team members’ skills and experience in the kitchen. Our team consists primarily of college-aged seasonal employees who do not have previous culinary experience—but they are ready to learn! The Chef trains a new culinary team each year, instructs and inspires the team, and mentors individuals.

Community: The successful candidate demonstrates a strong desire to be part of the A Bar A’s legacy and an engaged member of the ranch community.

Overall Goals for A Bar A’s Food and Beverage Program:

  • Consistent execution of high level of hospitality and service in all areas, including:
    • Guest Dining Lodge
    • Employee Dining Room (EDR)
    • Gopher Hole (Children’s Program)
    • Cookouts
    • Catering/Box Lunches
    • Expeditions
  • Professionalism and best practices in the kitchen, including food safety.
  • Effective communication within F&B program and among leadership team members.
  • Unified “back of house” and “front of house” teams with focus on collective goals, responsiveness to guest feedback, and consistent quality.

Primary duties and responsibilities:

Year-Round Duties (Report to Ranch Manager, Lissa Howe)

  • Support the Ranch Managers and fellow leadership team members (including weekly leadership team meetings during the operating season and monthly meetings the remainder of the year).
  • Uphold Ranch policies for staff conduct among the food and dining staff and the staff as a
  • Propose and manage food budget and inventory.
  • Propose and manage kitchen equipment inventory and expendables budget; order equipment and supplies as needed.
  • Assist hiring team with recruiting culinary staff members annually.
  • Develop and maintain checklists and other operations manuals and procedural documents that assist the staff in performing their duties.
  • Design rotating menus for guests and staff, including recipes with photos and teaching guides.
  • Plan, lead, and execute pre-season training program for culinary team that is integrated with FOH (waitstaff) training. 

Daily Operational Oversight During Operating Season: (May through September)

  • Work closely with F&B Manager to develop and manage a unified team of Food and Beverage employees.
    • Participate in/lead weekly meetings with all Food and Beverage team members.
    • Participate in/lead daily meetings with F&B Manager, and weekly with F&B Manager and Ranch Managers.
  • Oversee, expedite, and participate in food preparation with culinary team (approximately 60% of Chef’s time is spent hands-on during meal preparation).
    • Supervise and schedule culinary staff with assistance from Sous Chef(s).
  • Create and maintain a supportive, positive, fun, and teaching-oriented kitchen environment.
  • Be present and available during all scheduled shifts and important events for guests and
  • Support the personal and professional development of the team throughout the season, keeping morale high. This includes regular one-on-one check-in conversations with each team member.
  • Order food and supplies for guest and staff meals.
  • Maintain high standards of cleanliness and food safety at all times.
  • Track, communicate, and accommodate for special dietary needs among guests and staff.
  • Organize and oversee the cleaning and efficient operation of all dining and food service areas. This includes daily cleaning, twice-weekly deep cleaning, and continual organization and upkeep of EDR and kitchen.


  • Early-May through end of September: onsite at A Bar A Ranch in Wyoming
    • 6 days/week (long work-days)
  • October through mid-May: off-site, office-based work preparing for the next summer season (with some restrictions to work locations; available for remote and in-person meetings with other leadership team members when needed)
    • Part-time/flexible schedule, expect 20 hours per week on average with more hours/week needed in April and October for season preparation and season wrap-up
    • Participate in annual off-site leadership team retreat (expenses paid)


  • Salary: Annual, divided into 12 pay periods (DOE), range $70K to $85K
  • Annual performance bonus opportunity
    • Meals, housing, and utilities during the summer season
    • Medical and dental benefits
    • 401k with company match of up to 6% of annual salary including bonus
    • Use of ranch facilities (horses, tennis, swimming, golf, fly-fishing, shooting ranges, etc.)
    • Paid vacation (outside of the operating season)

How to Apply

Please send resume, cover letter, photo portfolio of dishes, and contact information for at least 3 recent professional references to:


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