Within the Wild Adventure Company

Summer Jobs at Two Remote Full Service Fly-in Lodges - Winterlake Lodge and Tutka Bay Lodge

Within The Wild Adventure Company is a family-owned and operated adventure travel business in Alaska offering two remote full service fly-in lodges - Winterlake Lodge and Tutka Bay Lodge - within Southcentral Alaska. We offer helicopter-hiking and glacier trekking, float trips (with both emphasis on sportfishing as well as natural history touring), backcountry hiking trips, dog sled tours, cross-country skiing, sea kayaking, and other outdoor adventures. We are open year-round.

We pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service.  Every member of our team becomes a visible and integral part of our fabric. We are an extremely hard-working group, demanding much from our environment and ourselves. We strive for personal excellence daily, in the work we do and we expect the same from our employees.

Our philosophy towards the environment is such that we feel that we want to preserve the integrity of Alaska s wilderness. We enjoy sharing our lives and the backcountry with guests and employees bringing them closer to a live lived in nature.

Our Jobs

Winterlake Lodge: housekeeping, massage therapist, naturalist guide (skill concentrations include dog mushing, river rafting, backcountry hiking, fly-fishing), dishwasher, chefs, nanny, lodge assistant.

Tutka Bay Lodge: housekeeping, massage therapist, naturalist guide (skill concentrations include sea kayaking, maritime interpretation, hiking, boating skills).  

Room and Board

For those who have never lived in a rustic environment before, camp life can be a transition. There is limited employee housing at both lodges and employees are sometimes required to share a room with one other staff member of the same sex. There is the occasional compelling exception to offer an employee a private room. Some employees are required to spend extended time on remote float trips and out-camp adventures.

Employees take meals together at regularly scheduled meal times. The lodge chefs prepare food for the staff as well as the guests. Room and board is included in your salary package. Our lodges are remote full service lodges. Because of the limited number of days in our summer season, all Within The Wild Adventure Company employees can expect to work a 12-hour day, 6 days per week. With one day off per week, it is possible to leave some camp settings for your day off. Often, many people remain in camp for the duration of their contract. If you choose to fly out, there is a nominal fee for employee travel.

Getting Here and Getting Around

Transportation to and from the lodge (via floatplane or other) and Anchorage is provided. Second-year and other returning employees are offered a transportation allowance to travel to Alaska from their home state. Employees can travel to and from Anchorage and the lodge occasionally throughout the summer at a discounted air taxi rate.

For Fun

Currently in our winter season, our employees are participating in a morning stretch and yoga class. We go dog mushing every day. We try to create off-time social opportunities amongst ourselves as we create our own small community. Some individual and team sports activities during the summer include swimming in the lake, volleyball, hiking, and photography. It is important to know that we do not support alcohol-centered social recreation at either of our lodges and if you are dependent on this, you should not apply with us. We promote physical and metal wellness and look for opportunities to inspire and elevate each other through new experiences. On employee days off, we try to offer experiences that will enhance your Alaskan summer experience. Last summer, each of our employees at Winterlake Lodge were able to ride in our Robinson R-44 helicopter and experience the awesome Tordrillo Mountains and Alaska Range from high vistas. Several of our Tutka Bay Lodge employees were able to tour the nearby village of Seldovia and explore the backcountry of Kachemak Bay. Often, employees make life-long friendships amongst each other.

We make lodge life as comfortable, easy-going, and fun as we can. Some rules are strict and will be absolutely enforced, as with our no-drug policies and our abhorrence for excessive alcohol consumption. We enjoy physically and mentally challenging ourselves to explore new areas of the backcountry and to learn new skills. We are passionate music collectors and music makers, with a particular interest in bluegrass.

How to Apply

Please send us your resume to the email below.

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Season: Summer, Fall, and Winter

Housing: Shared Room and Wall Tent

Staff Size: 20

Age Requirement: 18

Locations: Tutka Bay Lodge, Alaska and Winterlake Lodge, Alaska