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Perfect Summer Job - Join The Red Salmon Crew

Here you can work hard for a month and have something to show for your effort.

The summer salmon season begins mid-June and ends in July. Each first year processor will earn $8.50 per hour and $12.75 per hour of overtime worked. Our facility operates 24 hours a day during the peak of the season and you will be working up to 16 hours per day. That means lots of overtime and lots of money.

Fishing the seas

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Salmon processing

Red Salmon Processors

Our Ideal Candidate

You must be willing to work hard, touch fish and stand on your feet for long hours doing repetitive tasks. In return, we will house, feed and arrange your transportation to and from Alaska for your effort. You just need to complete the season. Students on summer break are our ideal candidates. You must be 18 to apply.

Room and Board

Room and board is furnished by the company provided the employee successfully completes the entire season.


Meeting many adventurous people about your same age willing to sacrifice their summer for an exciting new adventure.

Working the line with Red Salmon Cannery

Getting Here and Getting Around

Red Salmon Cannery will furnish round-trip airfare from either Seattle or Anchorage to our facility based upon successful completion of the entire season. There is a town within walking distance, but all your needs will be provided at the plant.

Cell phones do not work at the plant, but pay phones are available for workers.

The cannery at night

For Fun

There won't be too much time for fun during the peak of the season. You will want to sleep. However, bunkhouses have common areas to hang out and there is a company store for trinkets. Internet access is available in the mess hall.

How to Apply

Please apply on-line!

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Season: Summer

Housing: Shared Housing

Staff Size: 450 at peak

Age Requirement: 18

Location: Red Salmon Cannery, Naknek, Alaska