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Perfect Summer Job To Make MONEY - 2016 Starting Processor pay is $10.00 per hour!!

Red Salmon Cannery - A Division of North Pacific Seafoods is located in Naknek, a village in the Bristol Bay region of Alaska. Bristol Bay is known as the “Red Salmon Capital of the World”.  The salmon season begins in mid to late June and can last until the end of July. 

At Red Salmon Cannery you have the opportunity to work for a short amount of time and earn a LARGE PAYCHECK!!!! 

Fishing the seas

Our Jobs

Red Salmon Cannery is hiring seafood processors for the 2016 Salmon Season!!!

Each first year processor will earn $10.00 per hour and $15.00 per hour of overtime worked. Our facility operates 24 hours a day during the peak of the season and you will be working up to 16 hours per day. That means lots of overtime and lots of money!!!!

Ideal Candidate

We are looking for hard working employees who have the mind set to not quit and know how to push through those hard days because they know the return of a LARGE PAYCHECK is so worth it. 

Being a fish processor is no easy task. Processors must be versatile and willing to perform a variety of tasks including, but not limited to, gutting, cleaning, packing and icing of seafood, assorted canning jobs; operating various types of machinery; and general cleaning of work areas.  Working conditions vary depending upon tasks assigned, which could include noisy areas where machines are operating, wet areas where seafood is cleaned, and cold areas such as walk-in freezers.  Much of the work is repetitive due to mechanization and large volumes of product processed.  In short, the nature of the work is not glamorous.

During the peak of the season, fishing is heavy and a tremendous amount of work is compressed into a short period of time. Employees will work up to 16 hours a day 7 days a week with no days off. When the fish is there it's MONEY making time and we need employees to be committed to the job. 

Working the line with Red Salmon Cannery

Room and Board

Red Salmon Cannery provides FREE room and board to all employees who successfully complete the entire season. Separate male and female quarters will be provided that house 2 to 4 people. Linens are also provided at no cost as well as a laundry services.  

3 meals a day and all the break food you could want is provided to employees FREE of cost. Red Salmon Cannery also has an amazing baker that makes the best donuts in all of Alaska!!!

All employee personal protective equipment such as boots rain gear and gloves are provided FREE of cost.

Payphones are provided throughout the property because most cell phone carriers do not work in the remote location of Naknek Alaska.

Employees will have access to desktop computers and a WiFi connection with limited connectivity.... It is Alaska after all.  

Employee Perks

MAKING A LARGE AMOUNT OF MONEY IN A SHORT AMOUNT OF TIME!!! This job opportunity will look great on a resume because it will show  potential employers that you are a hard worker and are not afraid of a challenge. 

You will also meet many adventurous people about your same age who are also willing to sacrifice their summer for an exciting new adventure. 

Getting Here and Getting Around

Red Salmon Cannery will provide round trip transportation to the processing facility from your point of hire (either Seattle, WA or Anchorage, AK) if you successfully complete your employment agreement.  If you quit or are discharged before the season ends, you will be responsible for the cost of your return transportation.

You get yourself to Seattle or Anchorage and we will take care of the rest!!

The cannery at night

For Fun

There won't be too much down time during the peak of the season. You will be working such long days that any free time you will want to sleep. However, bunkhouses have common areas to hang out and there is a company store on site with limited items. 

In addition, there is a store in town, which is located approximately one mile from the plant when your work schedule allows you to have time. In town there is also a library, clinic, restaurant, police station, fire department, hardware store and a school with playground.  

How to Apply

Please visit our website to fill out an application or you can click "APPLY NOW" below. 

You must be 18 years of age and have current identification to establish your identity and your authorization to work in the United States.

NPSI vessel

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Season: Summer

Housing: Shared Housing

Staff Size: 450 at peak

Age Requirement: 18

Location: Alaska