Maine Appalachian Trail Club

Come Join us on the Appalachian Trail

The Maine Appalachian Trail Club is a volunteer, not-for-profit, public service organization that is responsible for management, maintenance and protection of the Appalachian Trail in Maine.   The Club has been doing great things with great people since 1935.  The Maine AT traverses some of the wildest country left in the East.

Work with a Maine Trail Crew this summer!

The Maine Trail Crew – An Exceptional Opportunity

MATC has several seasonal employees and numerous volunteers to work on the Appalachian Trail each summer.

Trail Crews work to rebuild damaged areas of the trail.  Crews hike into remote areas for a week at a time and use stone building techniques to control erosion on steep slopes. Projects often utilize rigging equipment to lift and move large boulders into place.  These trail crews work and live in some of the wildest places left in the Eastern U.S.  Projects focus on rebuilding and restoring heavily impacted sections of the Appalachian Trail.  Persons age 18 or older--of all backgrounds--are welcome. Enthusiasm, good health, physical vigor, and adaptability are vital. Willingness to follow instructions and safety rules and to share equally in camp chores is essential.

Caretakers and Ridge runners provide “Leave No Trace” education to hikers on the Maine AT.  Assignments include some of the most scenic areas in Maine – Saddleback Mt., Bigelow Mt., Gulf Hagas, and Katahdin.  Caretakers manage campsites in addition to working with the hiking public.

While paid positions require experienced candidates, many of the trail crew volunteer positions are short term in nature and can provide a tremendous outdoor experience and build skills for future jobs.

Our Jobs

Trail Crew Leaders
Teach and lead a volunteer trail crew doing footpath reconstruction on the Appalachian Trail at remote sites on the mountains of Maine.
Salary: $12.75 per hour plus housing and meals provided.
Dates:   May 10 – August 16, 2014

Trail Crew Camp Coordinator
Supports the operation of volunteer trail crews by planning and preparing meals, purchasing food, maintaining base camp facility, recruiting volunteers, assisting with transportation, and arranging leisure time opportunities. Personal vehicle required.
Salary: $12.75 per hour plus housing and meals provided
Dates:  May 10 – August 16, 2014

Caretakers & Ridge Runners
Greet, register and teach Leave No Trace awareness info. to hikers. Manage the Piazza Rock and Horns Pond campsites. All positions will patrol north and south of the campsites on overnight trips.
Salary: $12.75/hr.
Schedule: May to October. All positions work weekends and holidays, 5 days on/2 off with the occasional 10 days on/4 days off schedule.

Trail Crew Volunteers
Projects focus on rebuilding and restoring heavily impacted sections of the Appalachian Trail. Work in includes: building stone steps, waterbars and retaining walls to repair the Appalachian Trail. Persons of age 18 or older – of all backgrounds – are welcome.  Enthusiasm, good health, energy and adaptability are vital!
Time Frame: June 14 to August 13, 2014 – You are welcome to join us for one or more weeks!

Sorry no pets allowed.

Working hard and having fun on the trail

Room and Board

MATC provides room and board to the Trail Crew Leaders, Coordinator and Trail Crew who live on a scenic island in Branns Mill Pond in Dover Foxcroft, Maine.  Rustic camps and wall tents provide housing.

Care takers and Ridge-runners are supplied with camping gear and they stay on the trail except for days off when they return to civilization.  Permanent or day’s off housing is up to the individual.

Moving a big rockBeautiful trailwork!

For Fun

Maine is one of the best playgrounds to be found anywhere!

  • Climb Maine’s highest peak – Katahdin
  • Go Whale watching on the Coast
  • Explore 610 square mile Moosehead Lake
  • Enjoy any of our 3000 lakes and fish any of 5000 streams


How to Apply

Trail Crew Leaders & Trail Crew Camp Coordinator: Send your resume, cover letter and 3 references to: Lester C. Kenway, PO Box 8057, Bangor ME 04402, or by email. Applications accepted until the positions are filled with preference given to those received by January 31, 2014.

Maine Trail Crew: Reserve your space - Holly Sheehan, 231 Maine Avenue, Portland, ME  04103. Email

Caretakers & Ridgerunners:  submit a letter, resume and references by email (“MATC CT/ RR” in subject line) to Daniel Simonds  Preference will be given to those applying by 1/31/14.

Headed to work

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Season: Spring, Summer, and Fall

Staff Size: 6 per crew

Age Requirement: 18

Locations: Bangor, Maine, Barren Mountain, Northeast Piscataquis, Maine, Chairback Mountain, Maine, Katahdin, Maine, Nahmakanta Stream, Maine, Rainbow Lake, Maine, and Saddleback Mountain, Sandy River, Maine