Leader Creek Fisheries

Short Summer Season - Big Results!

While there are other companies that provide a variety of different types of seafood, here at Leader Creek, we focus on Wild Alaskan Sockeye salmon and we do it right!

Leader Creek Fisheries is a unique organization that is comprised of a special group of fishers who utilize the highest quality harvesting  standards and a processor that has cutting edge, state of the art filleting, freezing and packaging technology. 

Our Jobs

We are currently hiring Sockeye Salmon processors for the 2016 summer salmon season.

Leader Creek’s processing schedule coincides with annual fish runs, the specific dates vary from year to year. Generally, we fly people to our plant between June 15 and 25th and the season typically comes to an end in early August.  The Bristol Bay sockeye salmon run coincides well with most college and university summer break schedules.

Ideal Candidate

Being a fish processor is not easy. When the plant is running at full capacity you will be expected to work 16 hours everyday while we have fish in the plant.

You must have a strong work ethic, the discipline to get out of bed and get to work on time, and the desire to do the best you can each and every day. Some days you will be tired and may even have a bit of a cold. Your muscles will ache and your feet will hurt. We need people who can work in spite of the discomfort.

While we do not need employees to arrive with any specific processing related skills, we do need individuals who can learn quickly and who are willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done. 

While this job can be challenging at times, it does have its rewards and is a great chance to meet new people, work hard, and experience life in an Alaskan fish camp.

Room and Board

Room and board are provided by Leader Creek free of charge. All housing is located on Leader Creek property, a short walk to the plant. Our rooms range in size, and house between 2 - 6 employees. We do have some housing for couples and large rooms for groups of friends available.

Leader Creek Fisheries provides all meals free of cost. Employees will receive three hot meals a day with plenty of healthy, wild, Alaskan salmon to eat. 

Employee Perks

In addition to free room and board, free meals, and free transportation we also will provide your rain-gear, gloves, and safety equipment, pretty much everything you will need to work. In fact we will even clean and fold your laundry once a week.

Getting Here and Getting Around

Our plant is located in Naknek, Alaska. There are no roads that connect Naknek to other parts of Alaska so a plane ride from Anchorage is the best option for getting here. In order to make the trip as easy as possible to our plant in Alaska, all we ask of employees is to show up at the Seattle, WA airport. Leader Creek Fisheries Leader Creek will pay for and make all the arrangements, including the connecting flight all the way to King Salmon, AK (our closest airport) and pick you up when you land. After you finish your season we will provide your airfare back to Seattle, or, for a modest change fee most airlines can change your ticket to give you time to explore different parts of Alaska. You will need to confirm with your airline their policy regarding ticket changes.

For Fun

You will be working in a remote and special part of the world. Naknek is a long way from anywhere and possesses a beauty all its own. You will likely see a bear and perhaps a caribou; bald eagles are common. You will have time to walk along the river, see wildlife and watch fisherman at work. A quick, reasonably priced float plane trip away is beautiful Katmai National Park. This world famous park features pristine waterways and numerous brown bears who show up to enjoy the annual salmon run. Employees who would like to experience the park often have the option to arrange a trip themselves at the end of the season.

Katmai National Park

How to Apply

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Season: Summer

Housing: Shared Housing

Staff Size: 400

Age Requirement: 18

Location: Alaska