Laramie River Ranch

Summer Jobs at Laramie River Ranch

The Laramie River Dude Ranch is a small dude ranch with a typical occupancy of 25 guests.  Our size allows us to give each guest our personal attention as they ride horses, fish, and participate in our naturalist led activities.

Employment at a guest ranch can be hard work, but it’s also a great deal of fun.  You will have the opportunity to meet people from across the country and around the world.  During time off, you are welcome to join in ranch activities including riding, fishing, and our naturalist program.  You will have the opportunity to explore the surrounding area, camp, go white water rafting, visit Rocky Mountain National Park, or climb one of Colorado’s peaks.

If this combination of hard work, commitment and fun in the spectacular Rocky Mountains of northern Colorado interests you, we invite you to submit an application.

Ideal Candidate

We have high standards for the quality of service our guests receive.  Consequently, we have equally high expectations for performance of our employees.  First and foremost we are looking for employees that are warm, outgoing, and have strong communication and interpersonal skills.  They must not be afraid of long hours and hard work.  All positions require employees that are organized, willing to take initiative and pay close attention to detail.  Employees must get along well with others, work well as part of a team, and must have a "can do" attitude.

Room and Board

We have simple bunkhouse style accommodations.  Bathrooms and showers are in our nearby lodge.  You will have as many as four roommates.  Crew are expected to keep their living area picked up and clean.  Employees are not allowed to have overnight guests stay in the employee housing.  No pets are allowed.  Bed linens, pillows, and towels are provided.  Washers and dryers are shared by housekeeping, guests, and staff.  Hours of operation will be posted.

Crew breakfast is served a half-hour before the guests eat.  Crew eats both lunch and dinner with guests.  Our wait and kitchen staff eat before or after meals and will not be able to eat meals with guests unless it is their day off.

Employee Perks

Pay is hourly with overtime paid at time and a half.  Bonus opportunities are available for those who satisfactorily complete their employment agreements.  While rates are all inclusive, guests often leave tips which are split equally based on hours worked.

Getting Here and Getting Around

We are a remote ranch.  Past employees have emphasized that it is advantageous to have your own transportation.  If you do not have a vehicle, we will make arrangements to pick you up in Laramie when you arrive at the beginning of the summer and to drop you off in Laramie when you leave at the end of the season.  We cannot pick you up in Denver, and public transportation from Denver to Laramie is poor.  During the summer you must find your own transportation if you are interested in going to town or visiting the surrounding area.

For Fun

After a hard day of work, you’ll find yourself hanging out with the rest of the crew.  Day to day, it is a relaxing "unplugged" existence.  Riding is a favorite activity during time off. Past crews have played volleyball, softball, and hiked or fished.  Some set up regular card games, Pictionary competitions, and other board game tournaments.  Some read.  There are opportunities to attend Laramie Jubilee Days rodeo events, Cheyenne Frontier Days rodeos and concerts by top performers, and white water river rafting.

There is a small cabin among our crew accommodations that has been set up as a place to hang out and socialize.  There is a small fridge and a microwave.  The cabin has a TV and DVD player.  No cable or satellite TV is available on the ranch.

Our Jobs

Lodging/Housekeeping, Food and Beverage, Horse Operations, Naturalist, Nanny, and Children's Program Counselors

How to Apply

Please review our website for more details and complete job descriptions. You'll find our application there as well.