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“Our Cool Works Profile is still by far our best outlet for gaining quality employees from year to year.”  — Ryan, Resort in the Black Hills, SD

What is a Profile?

A Profile is a page that lets you highlight your company culture and values, and target enthusiastic, like-minded employees that are excited to work for you.  The Profile keeps your company in front of potential employees who day-dream and make plans seasons or years in advance, even when you’re not actively recruiting.

What's on a Profile?

The profile is divided into the following sections:

  • Intro & General Description of your company/organization
  • What you’re looking for in an employee
  • Room & Board Info
  • Other perks
  • Recreational opportunities
  • Transportation Info - getting there and getting around
  • Your job list as well as any jobs you currently have highlighted on our site
  • How to Apply, includes links to your website, your online application - we’re happy to build one for you, if needed - and your email.
  • Staff size, minimum age
  • A cool map of your location
  • Personalized with your pictures and logo
  • Includes social network widgets to build buzz about your company

Keep your content fresh: email us any changes, and we’ll get it updated right away!

Where is my Profile posted?

It's linked from all relevant category and state pages throughout CoolWorks.com and cross-posted to our social networks - MyCoolWorks, Facebook and Twitter.

Profiles are automatically included in popular search engines and usually rank well in search results.

FAST turn-around

We often have them ready to go and linked live within a day!


1 month - $250 - Packs a lot of punch during staffing prime time

3 months - $450

6 month Profile - $600

12 month Profile - $1000*

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“ I am thrilled with the staff that Coolworks brought me this summer - and rave about it to other business owners.

I’ll be back on the site in February for next season’s staff.

Thanks for everything!"   - Holly, Summer Employer in Montana

About Cool Works

Cool Works is a job board for adventurous, outdoorsy job seekers of all ages. We attract mainly seasonal employers, but also post many year-round positions.

Founded in 1995, Cool Works attracts 175,000 visits and 900,000 page views per month.

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