Yellowstone General Stores

Your Summer In Yellowstone Will Be Incredible!

Yellowstone General Stores (YGS) brings together enthusiastic people from all over the world to work in our attractive stores and provide exceptional guest service and unforgettable memories to 3 million park visitors each year.  Retirees and college students together will enjoy first-hand the amazing wonders of living in Yellowstone while they make new life-long friends and greet park visitors from around the globe.

Come live the adventure and join us for an exciting, fun-filled summer in the oldest and most dynamic national park – Yellowstone ! Check out our video and read on for more info on Yellowstone General Stores and our Yellowstone Locations!


Our Jobs

Retail, Maintenance, Management, Security, Warehouse, Food Service Staff, Grocery/Deli, and Housekeeping/Janitorial

Ideal Candidate

​Our ideal candidate is someone who is friendly, outgoing, and flexible.  Someone who gets along great with people of all ages, and who enjoys the wilderness and outdoor recreation. Someone who wants to be inside and work within a national park!

Room and Board

Dormitories - The dorms are rustic with centrally located shared bathrooms, showers, free laundry facilities and employee dining room. All associates will have at least one roommate. The dorms are all non-smoking and do not contain air conditioning or kitchen facilities. Guests, family members and pets are not permitted in employee housing. The housing cost is $22.89 per week.

RV Sites - For those associates planning to live in their own RV while working for Park Gate Lodges and Yellowstone General Stores, a site can be provided for a weekly fee ranging from $32.20 to $74.06, plus electric and propane costs. Most RV campgrounds have onsite coin-operated laundry facilities. RV associates arriving before May 1 may have to stay at temporary sites without utilities or hookups until their season RV site is available.

Meals - Associates who work at the company's seasonal properties are provided meals in the Employee Dining Room (EDR) as a term and condition of employment. Each EDR operates on a menu cycle and provides three meals a day, seven days a week. The menu is designed to offer a variety of food choices, but due to the size of staff and facilities, we cannot generally accommodate special dietetic needs. 

Dormitories - All associates living in the dormitories are required to participate in the full (3 meals per day, 7 days per week) meal plan at a rate of $59.57 per week.

RV's - Associates living in RVs also have the option to enroll in the full meal plan at a cost of $59.57 per week. 


Internet - Most dorms have both a computer with Internet access and a television with satellite service. Internet service is provided via satellite and is extremely limited. It is slow, unreliable and has a daily threshold of information that can be downloaded. There is a 24-hour reset period if the daily download threshold is crossed and during this time the Internet connection will not work. If you need daily access to the Internet, Yellowstone may not be the best fit for you.

Telephones - Cell phone service is intermittent or non-existent at many park locations. Verizon and AT&T tend to have the best reception in West Yellowstone, but reception is further limited in the park with no service in many locations. We recommend bringing a pre-paid calling card as there are pay telephones in each dormitory.

Getting Here and Getting Around

All Yellowstone General Stores employees will check in for employment at our Human Resources Office in West Yellowstone, Montana, located on Highway 191, 90 miles south of Bozeman, Montana.  

Individuals driving their own vehicles will experience a great deal more flexibility getting around Yellowstone during the summer, but it's not a necessity.

For Fun

Whether you like to enjoy solitude and hike, fish, or camp on your own, or prefer to socialize and participate in group activities, Yellowstone has something that will make you smile.  In addition to the 1,000+ miles of trails to explore, and the abundant park wildlife and scenic wonders to view, there are also plenty of organized activities to keep you busy all summer!

How to Apply

The employment page of our web site has many more details, which should help answer most of your questions.  We offer the ease of an on-line employment application, linked below.

Thank you for your interest in joining us for a great summer in Yellowstone!

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Season: Summer

Housing: Couples Housing, Dorms, and RV Space - Full Hookups

Staff Size: 600

Age Requirement: 18

Locations: Montana and Wyoming