Your Headline is your first impression. Use it to pull in the applicant so they'll read more.

A sentence or two that says who you are, what you do, and where you are.

In this section, please describe in more detail your operation. Remember your speaking to prospective employees, not to guests. Help the applicant answer the question, "Do I see myself here?" Here's your chance to "tell your story" in a little different way. Got history? Got magic? Got the best backyard ever? What makes your operation unique? What will be the best take-away after a season working with you?

What makes for a successful, happy, engaged employee at your operation? What qualities will make for the best fit for both you and the employee?

Please list the positions you need to fill. You can include short job descriptions of up to 300 characters. Your new Cool Works Collaborator will set up your job list for you and show you how to manage it.

Do you provide room & board? Is there a fee or is it part of the compensation package? Do you have dorms, shared rooms with shared bath, private bath, private rooms, cabins, apartments? Describe your employee accommodations and charges. If you don't have housing, any info you can offer that can help someone find housing is helpful. If you offer meal plans, meal discounts, etc., please describe.

This is the place to let job seekers know if you recommend they bring a personal vehicle and why. Can initial transportation to your property be arranged by airport, bus, taxi or your own shuttle? It would be helpful for job seekers to know if public transportation exists in your area (once they are settled in) and how far housing may be from the work site. Are bikes encouraged? is all about Jobs In Great Places. Your very own Great Place is an important consideration for a candidate. Your staff may be able to hike, bike, climb, raft, ride, photograph, star gaze, dance, attend music festivals, visit cultural attractions and more. Paint a picture and tell them what they can expect when spending time in your area.

Your Profile will display these Call To Action options: APPLY NOW | VIEW WEBSITE | SEND AN EMAIL. Include any additional details that will make instructions crystal clear to candidates, suggestions for when to apply, upcoming job fairs or additional contact information, if applicable.

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