Coldfoot Camp

Experience Alaska's Arctic in the Brooks Mountain Range!

Coldfoot Camp exists amid an awe-inspiring arctic backdrop. Winter, summer, spring and fall Coldfoot Camp is a great place to live and work: a vacation paradise in Alaska's vast Brooks Mountain Range. 

Two hundred sixty miles north of the nearest traffic light in Fairbanks --- two hundred forty miles south of the Arctic Ocean --- sixty miles north of the Arctic Circle --- sixty miles south of the northernmost extent of the tree line --- adjacent to the 8.2 million acre Gates of the Arctic National Park, wilderness jewel of the National Park System --- surrounded by the remote wilderness and unpeopled distances that are Alaska's Brooks Mountain Range --- blessed with 24 hours of summer daylight and magical winter nightscapes --- directly under the aurora oval, one of the best places in the world to view the mysterious and awe-inspiring aurora borealis (from late-August through mid-April).

Brooks Range

In this remote wilderness, Coldfoot Camp's convenient roadside location at Dalton Highway mile 175 helps make it THE legendary base camp for the region --- offering food, lodging, fuel, outdoor recreation, and other services for those working, living, or traveling in the region.

Central to the soulful hospitality found at Coldfoot Camp is the Trucker's Café (yes, the one featured on History Channel's Ice Road Truckers) --- open year-round, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (kitchen open from 6am to midnight). During the summer months, Coldfoot Camp offers breakfast and dinner buffet service in addition to year-round truckstop-style menu service. A Dalton highway refuge, Coldfoot plays host to truckers, hunters, hikers, sightseers and locals alike --- a place for the community of travelers to meet on Alaska's wilderness highway.

Coldfoot Camp exists amid an awe-inspiring arctic backdrop. Winter, summer, spring and fall Coldfoot Camp is a great place to live and work: a special place in Alaska's vast Brooks Mountain Range.

Our Jobs

Lodging/Housekeeping, Food and Beverage, Maintenance, and Guides

Room and Board


During the summer months, Coldfoot Camp coworkers can expect to share a three-season tent with one other coworker. There is no electricity in the tents.  Access to electrical outlets for recharging is available at a variety of locations in camp.  Shower facilities are a short walk from tents. Because shower facilities will incorporate an outdoor walk, it is necessary to bring proper clothing and footwear.  Bedding will be issued to you when you arrive at Coldfoot Camp.  Bedding includes: linens, blankets and pillows.  You are required to bring your own towels and shower accessories.

Atigun Pass 


Housing accommodations during the winter season are located inside.  The rooms are double occupancy rooms inside coworker housing; this is dormitory-style housing with bathrooms down the hall.  Each room has electricity and bedding will be issued upon arrival. 

Coldfoot Camp coworkers are provided three meals per day at no cost to the coworker. When available, coworkers are required to access breakfast, lunch and dinner meals from the buffet set-up to serve Camp guests. When buffet meals are not available or inaccessible due to work schedules, coworkers may order off the truck-stop style menu.

Coldfoot Camp is a drug-free workplace and all applicants should feel comfortable with both pre-employment and random drug testing.

Employee Perks

Some of the benefits of working at Coldfoot Camp are:

  • Housing and meals are provided at no cost to coworker
  • Competitive wages
  • Season completion bonus
  • Space available tours and flights at no cost to the coworker with our partner companies Northern Alaska Tour Company, Air Arctic and Dalton Highway Express
  • Live and explore in Alaska's Arctic
  • Develop friendships that last a lifetime

Getting Here and Getting Around

Location: Dalton Highway Mile 175

Recognizing that, for many, airfare is a major obstacle to summer work in Alaska --- Coldfoot Camp offers a season completion bonus to help defray the cost associated with transportation to/from Alaska.

Transportation arrangements to/from Fairbanks, Alaska and all associated costs are a coworker’s responsibility. The cost of roundtrip air transportation to/from Fairbanks, Alaska typically ranges between $600.00 and $1,000.00. Upon successful completion of a pre-established season completion date [minimum four-month season], a coworker receives a $500.00 season completion bonus.

Transportation arrangements between Fairbanks and Coldfoot at the beginning/end of your season [along with all associated costs] are Coldfoot Camp’s responsibility.

For Fun

A wilderness playground for self-motivated individuals who are comfortable forging their own path, Coldfoot Camp offers diverse recreation options such as a challenging ridgeline hike, peaceful reflection by the river, or a mid-day walk across trail-less tundra. At Coldfoot Camp, THE wilderness experience in Alaska's Arctic is just steps beyond your back door where the journey takes one through tundra valleys surrounded by timberline plateaus that define Alaska's Arctic.

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How to Apply

Please complete our on-line application.

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Season: Summer, Winter, and Year Round

Housing: Shared Room

Staff Size: 15 in Winter, 35 in Summer

Age Requirement: 18 or older

Location: Alaska