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Cool Works Feeds

RSS Feeds allow you to stay on top of what's going on at Cool Works. Keep track of your favorite job types and states as well as thousands (millions?) of other great 'syndicated' web sites out there.

What is a Feed?

An RSS newsfeed (or just feed) allows you to subscribe to any of the page on our site using a 'feed reader.' If you want to keep track of all the jobs and employers posted on Cool Works, subscribe to the What's New feed. Most pages on have a feed version of the content, so you'll always know when new jobs are available.

How do I Subscribe?

First you need some kind of 'feed reader' (also called an 'aggregator' or a 'news reader') which is just a program you use to keep track of all your feeds. There are a lot of feed readers out there and most web browsers also display feeds in some manner.

Depending on how your feed reader works, you may need to do different things to subscribe to the feed with your feed reader. Right click the icon and chose 'Subscribe to this feed' is a good guess.

Now, every time we add a new employer or update the page, you'll see the changes in your feed reader.