Tools To Help Your Job Search is a big, busy site, and may be overwhelming at first glance. To help steer your course, we've identified a few different Job Seeker Archetypes. Maybe you'll "see yourself here" and maybe you won't. Maybe you have a road map already laid out. Keep reading if you need a little inspiration on how to search the site or what kinds of jobs or employers might be a good fit for your situation.

"Your mind knows only some things. Your inner voice, your instinct, knows everything. If you listen to what you know instinctively, it will always lead you down the right path." ~ Henry Winkler


"I have a passion (i.e., visiting historical sites, kayaking, climbing, camping) and I am looking for a job that will allow me to do what I love in my time off."

Employer profiles will often mention what Recreational opportunities are available in the area.

White water kayaker? Imagine working and playing on the Yellowstone, the Arkansas, the Lochsa or the Snake River all summer long. 

Canoe enthusiast? The Boundary Waters may be calling you.

The national parks of the southwest are amazing gems for hiking and biking. Check out ZionBryce, the Grand Canyon - North and South Rims, Lake Powell.

CoolWorks was "born" in Yellowstone, so of course we have a soft spot for Yellowstone, the Grand Tetons and Glacier National Parks.

Alaska is BIG and wild and amazing. You'd never imagine one state could offer so many opportunities. From the coastal harbor towns to remote villages and stunning national parks, your Alaska playground dreams are within reach.

If you know where your favorite activity is available, search for Jobs by State or National Park Jobs.


CoolWorks once held a contest to come up with a term for the non-traditional seasonal employee - those who are full of life experiences and ready to live an active "semi retirement" or Encore Career. One of our long time fans, Wanda, came up with "Older and Bolder". It's stuck around for a long time.

"We have already written a chapter or two. We love to travel and are interested in bringing an RV with us."

Check out Jobs With RV Spaces, Look for listings that have the RV icon.

"I am ready to bring my Encore Career to life. I look forward to meeting new people and to learning a new job. It will be exciting to have new areas to explore with other Birders."

Employers listed on the Older and Bolder page are just the beginning - if you see a location/employer that inspires you, we encourage you to apply.

Seasonal employers embrace the magic of diversity, with multiple generations working together and sharing ideas and experiences. Some employers have unique housing options to allow for a less-college-dorm atmosphere. You may be surprised to "See Yourself Here" - and loving what you find!


"I am comfortable with the idea of a new job in a new place and meeting new people!"

You have plenty of options. Check out all our categories, read through employer profiles and watch job postings. See what feels like a good fit. Read through the details and research the area. Ask questions. If you are excited at the possibilities - apply! The seasonal lifestyle looks good on you!





"I am ready for a great summer but need to be back in school in August."

Employer profiles often mention what availability dates they seek in applicants. If you have something special to offer an employer, make a connection. Also, be sure to check out Camp Jobs. These positions often have a summer season that works well for students/teachers. If you haven't seen today's camps, you'll be amazed; a summer can change your world, give you great work experience and a whole new bunch of friends, while you change the world for kids! Camps have unique specialties such as Computers, Arts/Crafts, Climbing, Sports, Sailing, International Relations, Equestrian Programs, Video and so many others.

Many Alaska employers offer shorter seasons dates. National Park Concessionaires, and others also offer shorter season work agreements to a limited number of staff to help round out their complicated, long seasons. Read through employer profiles to find dates of operation and when they need staff.


"I am looking for an employer who can use my specific skills (i.e., Bartender, Server, Plumber, Raft Guide, Fund Raising Professional, Teacher, Front Desk Manager, CDL Driver and so many others)"

You have a choice where you put your experience and skills to work - imagine helping visitors plan the vacation of their dreams, or driving a tour bus in Alaska or at the Grand Canyon, or sharing your passion for education as a Wilderness Instructor. Sometimes you CAN have it all!

We have Non-ProfitsConservation CorpsRestaurant JobsGuide Jobs and much more. Check out Highlighted Jobs for jobs that need certain skills or search the site by job title and see all the possibilities!